You are currently viewing Public info session Fri 1st Sept 2023, St John’s School

Public info session Fri 1st Sept 2023, St John’s School

Ruyton XI Towns Traffic Calming Scheme Proposals.

We have now received confirmation from Shropshire Council that the public information drop-in session regarding the Traffic Calming Proposals will be at St John the Baptist Primary School on Church Street on Friday 1 September. This will include a display of large format print-outs of the drawings, plans, and visualisations for the proposed traffic calming measures, so that residents can examine these in detail. This information can still be viewed online here on the Shropshire Council website.

Public information session.

This will take place in St John’s Primary School on Church Street, on Friday 1 September 2023. On this date, you can drop-in anytime during the following hours:

  •  Between 10am and 2pm Shropshire Council and WSP Highway Engineers will be available to answer questions about the proposals.
  •  Between 2pm and 6pm the displays will remain available to view.

Any questions or comments can be emailed to Shropshire Council at and if your email requires a answer, Shropshire Council Officers/WSP engineers will reply to you directly.

Deadlines for receiving feedback.

So that the Parish Council can gauge public opinion on the proposals before the next Council meeting on 5th September, please make sure you copy in the Clerk to any emails you send to Strategic Highways before the end of the day on 4th September.

Shropshire Council have stressed that, from their perspective, there is no official cut-off point for receiving feedback from the community on this project, and that they will continue to monitor comments and feedback received during the delivery period and after completion of the project as well, to see how things are working. However, if the project is to go ahead during October half -term, then Shropshire Council and WSP will need to allow approx. one month before the the works start so that they can factor in any changes that may have become necessary as a result of community feedback.

So if you want your views to be taken into account by Shropshire Council and WSP before plans are finalised and before the provisional start date of October half-term, please do email by Sunday 10th September.