Agenda and Minutes

IMPORTANT: Coronavirus legislation and regulations permitted Parish Council meetings to be held remotely until 7th May 2021, but that legislation has now expired, so all Council meetings must be held face to face. There are still restrictions on how many members of the public may attend meetings indoors. Please contact the clerk if you have matters to raise in writing, or if you feel it is necessary for you to attend meetings in person. This is to ensure we can accommodate everyone safely in accordance with risk assessments.

Next Council meeting

The next meeting will be held in-person on Tuesday 7th Sept 2021 at 6.30 p.m at Ruyton XI Towns Village Hall.

Should you want a copy of the supporting appendices or further details on an agenda item please contact the Clerk by email. Please bear in mind that the Clerk works part time so there may be a delay in response.

Parish Council minutes and appendices

Here you will find agendas, minutes, and appendices from recent meetings. Minutes are approved unless specified as draft.

Annual Parish Meeting 2021

The remote Annual Parish Meeting was held remotely on Tues 27th April 2021 at 6.15pm, and the agenda, draft minutes, and annual reports can be found in the links below. This was a short remote meeting to meet legal requirements; a separate parish meeting will be called later in the year when it safer to meet in groups.