Parish Clerk

Hi I’m Sue Hackett the Clerk for Ruyton XI Towns PC and first point of contact for the Parish Council. I’ve been Clerk for about 9 years now, the position is part time and varied so please bear with me if I’m slow to respond to emails etc as I do have another job and other interests.

I am a qualified (CILCA) and experienced clerk having worked for other parish councils over the years. I have worked for the last 35 years as an accountant in both the private and public sector, specialising in internal audit.

I now prefer to work part time and enjoy walking in our beautiful Shropshire countryside, trying to commit scenes to canvas and exploring the artier side of life. I also enjoy a busy family life with my husband supporting elderly parents and our daughters who have technically left home! I live outside of the parish which can be inconvenient at times but is actually an advantage as I can remain independent.

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