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Alyson Lister

Tel: 01939 261094

Andrea Hall

Tel: 07713 520245


Andrea has lived in Shropshire for over 35 years and having recently joined Ruyton XI Towns Parish Council, is keen to help make a difference in the local community and the Parish of Ruyton XI Towns. Andrea represents the Parish Council on the Shropshire Council Local Joint Committee and is also one of the SALC Area Committee representatives.
Having established and managed her own retail and online business for over 14 years, Andrea has a good understanding of the challenges that local and rural businesses face.  Together with her husband, Dermot, Andrea recently formed a Shropshire vegan bath bomb and handmade soap company and can often be found (in all weathers!) at many of the local markets, county shows and local events.  Passionate about all things green, Andrea is also an Ambassador for a natural skin care company. 
Through her role as a Trustee for The Qube, Andrea is also aware of the wider needs of the community.  The Qube is an established charity based in Oswestry that provides wellbeing, art, promotes local culture and also provides transport services for the community in North Shropshire and the border counties.
Andrea’s hobbies include gardening, reading and in complete contrast to her day job and role as a Parish Councillor, Andrea is lead singer in a blues rock band and has performed at many venues around the UK and even had Radio 2 airplay!  

Mrs Avi Sanders Royle

Tel: 07715 321678


David Shearan

Tel 07816 534716

David joined the Parish Council in January 2019 just two years after moving to Ruyton XI Towns. He retired in March 2017 after a lifetime in the IT industry, spending the last 20 years in a project management role.

David designed, built and maintains the Parish Council website. He is keen on communication and wants to keep the community informed about the work of the council, and help members of the community to understand the council’s role and all the good stuff that it does.

David Spicer

Tel: 01939 260163
David is a Barrister. He has been a Parish Councillor since 2013. Prior to 2009 he managed a legal service for a large local authority and practised in all court jurisdictions concerned with public administration and democratic processes, specialising in safeguarding children and adults with vulnerabilities. He is a Trustee and former Chair of the British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect. Since 2009, after moving with his wife and golden retriever to Ruyton XI Towns David has acted as an independent author of over 30 reports of Serious Case Reviews in England and Wales carried out following  deaths and serious incidents involving abuse and neglect of children and adults.
David is also a consultant and trainer. He has a married son living in Shrewsbury and daughter and family in Sydney.

Mr Ian Pinner

Tel: 07743 985695

Following a working life spent primarily in the Automotive and Consultancy industries, in which Ian held a number of board and senior management positions, he and his wife Indy decided to relocate to Spain and enjoy early retirement in 2011. They chose, however, to return to the UK – primarily for family reasons in 2017. They looked at a number of regions to move to, but after enjoying a tranquil life in Spain they did not wish to return to the pressures of living near a large city, and and selected Shropshire as being ideal.

Indy wanted to resume her career as a Radiographer and secured a position at Shrewsbury Hospital. Ian and Indy then looked for a village within an easy 30 minutes commute of the Hospital and fell for Ruyton XI Towns on their first visit, moving here in 2018!

Ian’s interests are varied – travel, food and wine, motorsport, motorcycling, music and reading being among them. He is also a (Pro Bono) Director of Fairshare Credit Union, based in Telford and Shrewsbury, as well as being an active supporter of Oswestry Library.

Ian considers it a privilege to have been elected a Parish Councillor and he looks forward to playing an active role in enhancing the quality of life in our village/parish.

Robert Edwards

Tel 01939 260451

Robert was born in Ruyton XI Towns; lived on the Cliffe for 6 Years after which his family moved to Wenter for 2 years then settled back home to Ruyton. He was educated at Ruyton Primary School, then Baschurch Secondary School , onwards to Shrewsbury Technical College, and later a Rolls Royce Technical Apprentice, gaining a Higher National Certificate in Electronic Engineering.

He worked at Rolls Royce as an Engineer for the Electronic Maintenance Department. In 1974 he joined Herbert Machine Tool Company as a Specialist Engineer for their CNC Range of Metal Turning Machines, travelling extensively for them world-wide.

Robert retired in 2008. His hobbies include: gardening, caravaning, travelling on holiday to Canada, environmental conservation, Forestry Tree Conservation, wildlife (e.g. Badger preservation in the Drumbles Wood.

He is keen to become involved in the activities for the Village and feels that he can make a contribution for the good of the community. Robert is particularly keen to promote the Safer Roads Group activities, and happy to listen to anyone’s sensible ideas about how we slow down traffic in the village!

Ryan Harrison

Tel: 07736 577955

Ryan has lived in the parish for the last 5 years. He studied locally in Shrewsbury, completing his A-levels in 2016. Currently he is studying German and Politics at Warwick University. His aim is to be an active member of the Parish Council, helping to provide a fresh view on how we can make our parish and community a better place to live. He also feels it is important to hear the views of younger people in the parish and the issues that they face living in a rural area. Having a younger voice on the council is an exciting opportunity and he hopes that over time more young people will join the Parish Council and get involved.

Scott Denyer

Tel: 07375 701234

Scott moved with his wife Rachel (and their cat Teapot) to the parish of Ruyton XI Towns in October 2015. He is a native of Essex and spent his formative years there before entering the higher education system – obtaining a degree in Physics from Liverpool University and Masters in Medical Physics at Leeds.

His early career was with the NHS, and that’s where he first met Rachel (she was studying and qualifying as a Radiographer) – they worked at the same hospital in west Hertfordshire before Rachel took a job in Cambridge (and they set up their first home in north Hertfordshire mid-way between respective workplaces). They subsequently relocated back to west Hertfordshire when they both changed jobs. Rachel was born in Shrewsbury, and grew up in South Wales, Whittington and Oswestry, so she has a strong connection to this area, to which Scott has become very attached over the last 20-something years as a “visitor”.  

Scott currently works for General Electric (the huge American corporation) – previously in their Healthcare division and now with the corporate Environment, Health & Safety organisation (yes – Physics and Health & Safety make him a dazzling dinner guest). 

His hobbies include running, kayaking, cycling, reading and music (listening, not playing), and of course home/garden improvements (He has to say that). He is excited to be a councillor for Ruyton XI Towns Parish Council – as a newcomer to the area he thinks it’s really important to contribute to the local community, and is a great way of “integrating”. He is really keen to preserve the essential character of the village whilst ensuring a vibrant and sustainable future.

Mr Simon Gittins

Tel: 01939 260273

Mr Trevor Allison

Tel 01939 260899

All councillors must declare any pecuniary interests when they are elected. Their declarations can be viewed on the Shropshire Council’s website.

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