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Safer Roads

There will be a public meeting in September to look at different options for making the roads safer and our village a more pleasant environment in which to live. Everyone in the community will have the opportunity to look at the suggestions being put forward by the Safer Roads Group and to put forward their own ideas.

The Safer Roads Group was formed by the Parish Council and includes Councillors and members from the community. They are actively looking at ways of making the village safer.

No date has been set yet for the public meeting but it is likely to be on a Saturday afternoon in September. The date, time and place will be communicated nearer the time, but with enough advance notice to give people space to think.

The Group feeds into a Multi-Agency Group that includes representatives from Shropshire Council. The next meeting of this Group is in October and it is intended to take the ideas discussed at the Public Meeting into that meeting.

In the meantime, we can all contribute. The general messages to everyone in the community are:

  • Drive safely and lawfully within the speed limits
  • Cut back vegetation so that pavements are not obstructed and views along the road are not obscured
  • Do not drive or park on pavements because this forces pedestrians and child cyclists into the road and obscures views along the road. Instead park on the road because this will have the effect of slowing traffic down.

Community Speedwatch

Speeding traffic is a common concern for many residents of the village, and is typically among the top 5 issues that parishioners would like the council to prioritise for action. This is not just true of Ruyton XI Towns, but is typical of many villages across Shropshire.

The Parish Council has installed gates at the western end of the village to remind motorists that they are entering a residential area with a 30mph speed limit, which of course reduces to 20mph in the vicinity of the school.

In addition to this, a Community Speedwatch team has been established, with a very simple aim – to reduce the speed of vehicles through the village. Although the details of speeding vehicles are recorded and shared with the police, the primary objective is not punishment, but to raise awareness of and reinforce the speed limits, and increase driver’s awareness of their speed.

The team is formed of trained volunteers, and they will be undertaking speed monitoring sessions in the coming weeks and beyond. The sessions will take place at different days and times in order to raise awareness among different driver groups, and at various locations throughout the village.

More volunteers are needed to sustain this effort, and the clue is in the name – this is for the community, by the community. If you are concerned about traffic speeds within Ruyton XI Towns, and would like to be part of the solution, please contact Councillor Bob Edwards or Councillor Scott Denyer for more information. This is not a Parish Council scheme, although a number of councillors participate – but the more volunteers we have from the wider community, the better!

New team to save lives

You may know that we have a defibrillator at the school and also that we have people trained in its use both in the school and in the community. The next major development is to form a team who can respond to local emergencies when contacted by West Midlands Ambulance Service.

The Parish Council have paid for training and David Shearan, from the community, has volunteered to lead the formation of the team. More information will follow. If you are interested in joining the team then please use the contact form on the website.

A defibrillator is a life-saving machine that gives the heart an electric shock in some cases of cardiac arrest. This is called defibrillation and can save lives.


New NHS number for out of hours care

NHS 111 set to take over as the only number patients will need From Tuesday 17 July people across Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire who need urgent out-of-hours medical help or advice will need to call 111.

In Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin, the NHS 111 service will replace the current out-of-hours telephone access service provided by Shropdoc in line with national policy to provide a consistent, integrated approach to urgent care; but any patients that need to see a clinician out-of-hours will still be seen by a local GP or other appropriate clinician

BBC Radio Shropshire-Ruyton XI Towns Litter Picking Campaign

Ian Perry from BBC Radio Shropshire visited Ruyton XI Towns to talk live on air to Parish Councillors Ryan Harrison and Andrea Hall about the Parish Council’s wage on litter campaign, with the kind help and assistance of Karen Rooney, proprietor of Cafe Eleven and village resident David Shearan.

The radio station had heard that the Parish Council had recently purchased some litter picking equipment.  In a follow up to a news article broadcasted the previous day, about how the Shropshire Wildlife Trust is cleaning up stretches of the River Severn, the station asked to meet up with representatives from the Parish Council and also Karen from Cafe Eleven and village residents David Shearan and Colin Case.

The interview talked about how the project came about, with a demonstration of the litter pickers from Andrea, listeners were invited to get involved if they fancied taking part in litter picks and the Parish Council is actively encouraging local residents to organise litter picks.  All of the equipment is available to borrow and can be collected from Cafe Eleven.

The interview can be heard by clicking on the attached link (at 2hours, 42 mins and 50 seconds)

Good riddance to bad rubbish

Do you see rubbish lying around and want to pick it up? Well now you can. The Parish Council has bought a litter picking kit which is being stored by Karen at Cafe Eleven. Any time the cafe is open you can pop in, borrow what you need and go litter picking.

There are high vis vests, 10 litter picking grabber tools, sets of gloves and black plastic bags. Karen will give you a sign out sheet so you can check out and check back in what you use. Bring your own gloves if you prefer.

There are no arrangements for Shropshire Council to take away what you collect but if this stays low key with small groups then the suggestion is that you use your own bins/recycle boxes.

Check out this BBC article ‘Rubbish job: why don’t we just pick up litter?

And then there was one

Until recently there were two vacancies on the Parish Council but at the June meeting John Houghton became the newest councillor.

John served in the British Army and now operates in a Health and Safety capacity within the construction industry. He moved to Ruyton XI Towns around 6 years ago and has come to love the place. He wanted to get to know people better and to get involved in the life of the community so decided to volunteer as a Parish Councillor.

How about you? Could you fill that final place?

Join and be an active member of our local community and help us with crime and safety, planning issues, environment, highways and local services.

You must:

  • be 18 or over AND on the electoral register, or a resident of the Parish, or live within three miles of the Parish as the crow flies, or own a business in the Parish
  • be able to attend evening meetings every month
  • have an interest in local issues
  • have a desire to improve the quality of life in the Parish
  • be able to represent the views of local people

The position is unpaid and voluntary, but some expenses such as training are paid for by the Parish Council.

For further details please contact the Parish Clerk using our contact form

Smart Meters Rollout

What is a Smart Meter?

A smart meter is the next generation of a gas and electricity meter. They’re being installed by energy suppliers in every home in England, Scotland, and Wales. Smart meters come with an in-home display screen that shows you exactly how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence, in near real time and will bring an end to estimated bills.

How do I get one?

The UK Government plans to have all homes and businesses installed with smart meters by 2020. You don’t need to wait until then. Follow the link provided here to find out how you can arrange for installation. It is simple and free.


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