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The PC has received notification from NHS of road works and new building construction at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. They state:-

Currently, the main road onto the site is being widened and realigned to maintain two-way access for ambulances to the Emergency Department and a separate road for construction traffic within the construction site. These works are necessary to allow for construction traffic to enter, drop off materials, and exit the site safely and with as little disruption as possible to other hospital traffic. This means there will be some disruption to this area until the work is complete.

Subject to final approval, the main build at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital is expected to begin in the summer and is expected to take a number of years. For the duration of the build the current Outpatient entrance will be closed, and an alternative entrance will be provided.

Additional signage and wayfinding will be available to help patients and visitors navigate their way around the site. Patients and visitors should continue to check the Trust’s website for the most up-to-date information on accessing the hospital and parking arrangements.

Further details of the proposed changes, including a site map, can be found online and are on display in both hospitals.

The Parish Council have received the following message from Freedom Fibre who are rolling out Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) in North Shropshire. The good news is that this will enable much faster internet connectivity to homes. The downside is that they will have to install telegraph poles in places to provide the links. Attached is the list of poles to be installed (although it is not easy to understand)

Ruyton-XI-Towns poles

Whilst we are largely able to make use of the existing network of telegraph poles and underground ducting, it is sometimes necessary to install new essential infrastructure to ensure no community is left behind.

 Under existing planning rules, masts and poles less than 15 metres high can be installed without being subject to planning consent except those listed under Article 1 (5) of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995. The obligation for telecoms companies like ours is to display a ‘Regulation 5’ notice detailing the proposed telegraph poles on nearby street furniture (such as lighting columns) 28 days before their planned installation.

 That said, we are keen to proactively engage with residents and community leaders as much as possible. To that end, please find attached a list of proposed new telegraph poles which will be installed in the coming months. Please note that this list is subject to change (the locations will likely be vague – please see the latitude and longitude for specific locations).

 In line with our statutory obligations, we will display official notices detailing the proposed telegraph poles on nearby street furniture (such as lighting columns) 28 days before their planned installation. Residents with questions or queries are encouraged to visit

The Parish Council has been notified by Shropshire Council Street Works Team of the following Road Closure –

Road Closure:  B4397 Church Street, Ruyton XI Towns

Start Date: 22nd July 2024

End Date: 26th July 2024

Purpose: excavate carriageway to collapsed culvert and repair. Please note that this will be a 24hr closure with working times 09:30-16:00.

Works Promoter:   Shropshire Council

You can view the closure and diversion route by clicking here:

Should you have any queries regarding this closure, please call SC Customer Services on 0345 6789006, or eMail the Street Works Team on

At the last meeting of the Parish Council we were pleased to announce the appointment of our new Parish Clerk – Ms Sarah Windridge. Sarah commenced at the end of April and had a handover from our last Locum Parish Clerk. She is also the Parish Clark for both Uffington and Rodington.

Also, for information, it was agreed at the meeting to change the start time of  future Parish Council meetings from 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Make a change. Become a councillor.

Do you have, or could you make a bit of regular time to help residents by being a Councillor on our Parish Council? We meet once a month to discuss what’s happening, what we can do, and then go and do what we can.

We currently have one vacant seat on the Council, and need a range of councillors of all ages and experience to join our friendly team – all you need is a desire to make a positive difference in Ruyton parish.

Application forms are available on the Council website and should be sent direct to the Clerk of the Council. These will be considered at the next available Council Meeting.

For an informal chat about what being a councillor involves, please contact the Chairman, Vice Chairman, or the Clerk to the Council.

 Chairman: Cllr Kerry Coldwell                   07821291034

Vice Chairman: Cllr Mervyn Eyles            07748143626

Locum Clerk:

The second round of consultation on Smithfield Riverside in Shrewsbury is now open until 5 March!

Go along to the Shropshire Local Unit on the top floor of The Darwin Centre to see the plans and have your say, or visit

On 14th January we said goodbye to our Parish Clerk, Mrs Lydia Bardsley. The Parish Council would like to thank Lydia for her hard work and diligence, especially with the difficulties imposed by Lockdown. We wish her all the very best for the future.

We are currently seeking a replacement for Lydia but in the meantime we have secured the services of a Locum Parish Clerk, Ian Cruise-Taylor, to assist with the administration. He will be handling eMails addressed to the Parish Clerk (should he not be available the Chairman and Vice-Chairman will be monitoring the mailbox). As before, please use the Parish Council website if you wish to contact the Chairman or Vice-Chairman directly.

Following the resignation of Cllr Scott Denyer there is a casual vacancy on the Parish Council. No by-election has been requested by the Ruyton electors so the Parish Council is now able to co-opt a person to fill the vacant seat.

The guidance states that the seat should be filled as soon as reasonably practicable. The Council has set the application deadline to 27th January 2024. Please send completed applications to the Parish Council Chairman before the deadline of 9pm on Saturday 27th January

You can download the application form below and may wish to check out the Good Councillors Guide as an introduction to what being a Councillor involves. You are also very welcome to have an informal chat with the Chairman, Vice-Chairman or any of your existing councillors. If you have any questions about the eligibility criteria please eMail the Locum Clerk.

Download the Councillor application form

View the Good Councillors Guide

In the coming financial year, the Shropshire Council faces difficult decisions ahead in order to balance its budget and continue to deliver vital services to all residents, building on the significant progress already made this year.  The consultation is designed to help Shropshire Council understand the priorities of all communities and this will help shape the next steps.

The Ruyton XI Towns Parish Council would like to encourage as many people as possible to take part in the online survey, which should take less than 20 minutes to complete.  It is important that local priorities are voiced. The survey closes on 28th January 2024. Please click on the link below to participate.

Shropshire Council is pleased to announce the return of the Winter Support Service for a fourth year. During the coming months the service will assist residents (18+) who may need a little additional support to maintain their independence and remain well at home or following a hospital discharge.

The Winter Support Service, running until 31 March 2024, has been reinstated to support people to avoid a health and care crisis over the winter period. For more information follow link below or phone helpline on 0345 678 9012 open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday