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Crime Reduction Opportunity – Smartwater

There is currently a grant available from Police & Crime Commissioner West Mercia which your Parish Council is considering applying for. The grant, with financial assistance from the Parish Council, provides smartwater kits to home owners enabling them to “security mark” their property in such a way that it deters burglars from stealing it. Signage is provided by the Police which marks the village as protected in this way and has proven to be very effective.

Other local town and parish councils have bought in to the scheme. Are you interested? Please let us know by messaging the Clerk or your local councillors – contact details can be found on our website.

Meanwhile to find out more follow the link below:

Hanging baskets on display

The Parish Council have paid for hanging baskets again this year to make a colourful impression in the village. It’s such a simple thing to do to brighten up our streets and give enjoyment to residents and visitors.

The Cliffe ownership and maintenance 

© Copyright John Haynes and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

It’s been said a few times but you may have missed it. The 32 acre section of the Cliffe that is in our parish is now owned by Ruyton XI Towns Parish Council. We purchased it outright when it was discovered that it was owned by the Bradford Estate and not Shropshire Council as previously assumed. The details of this will be published at some stage in the near future when we celebrate this fact in a bigger way.

In the meantime we are forming a volunteer group called the Cliffe Crew to maintain the precious heathland habitat. Lee, our Shropshire Council Park Ranger, will lead this group with the expectation that they meet once a month. If you are interested in being part of this group then please let us know using the contact form on our website.

Data from our speed signs

Two vehicle activated speed signs have been in place now for some weeks. The signs are a visible reminder to motorists about their speed through the village. They also let pedestrians know what speed the vehicles are travelling which can act as a deterrent.

The signs gather data as well, which can be downloaded and analysed. It makes for interesting reading and interpretation, much of it good. However there are notable exceptions and recognisable patterns. The Safer Roads Group will use this data to alert and inform the police, Shropshire Council, and other organisations.

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