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Reporting speeding commercial vehicles

Our Safer Roads Group would like photographic evidence of commercial vehicles that fail to comply with the speed limits in the village. You can submit photos via a form on the Contacts menu of the Parish Council website.

You will have to create a login – full details of how to do this and what information is required about the incident are on the website.

For each incident reported the Safer Roads Group will write to the commercial organisation giving them the registration number of the vehicle and the details of the speeding incident. Based on past experience we expect this to make a difference, perhaps a warning to the driver or even an instruction not to use the road through our village.

We will NOT share your personal details with the commercial organisation nor with anyone else without your permission.


Thanks to the Talbot

The Parish Council would like to thank Charlotte and Gavin at the Talbot Inn for allowing us to use the Barn for our meetings in October and December.

On both occasions our usual venue at the Victoria Room was booked but the pub saved the day.

Damaged drain in Church Street

Take care when walking or cycling along Church Street on the South side because the masonry around a drain situated between the Talbot and Hall Farm has been damaged and the drain is unstable and unsafe.

If any weight is put on it, it moves around and debris falls into the gully. It feels as if collapse is likely particularly as heavy vehicles continue to roll over it

Shropshire Council Highway Maintenance teams have been informed
and hopefully will be undertaking repairs soon.

Fungi – autumn on the Cliffe

These photos were taken by someone who enjoys the scenic views and the flora and fauna while walking their dog on the Cliffe. Hopefully the work being done by the Cliffe Crew will encourage more fungi to grow.

If you love the Cliffe and its special heathland habitat then you may wish to join the Cliffe Crew Volunteers who help to maintain it. They meet at 9am on the second Sunday of every month and carry out various tasks under the leadership of our Park Ranger.

A word of caution – do NOT pick mushrooms or toadstools unless you have expert knowledge because many are either unpleasant or extremely poisonous.