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Coronavirus: Act like you've got it. The new COVID-19 variant is spreading fast. We all need to play our part to stop the spread. Stay Home - Protect the NHS - Save Lives.
The UK Government urges "Act like you've got the virus". The number of coronavirus cases is rising rapidly, and in a recent Covid-19 news article, a source told the BBC "It's more important than ever [that] everyone sticks to the ...
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Post Office resumes service in Ruyton XI Towns The original Post Office in Ruyton closed over a year ago, however your councillors and the Village Hall Committee have been instrumental in bringing this vital service back to the parish. See ...
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The Parish Council are supporting a team of community volunteers who are planting native trees and wildflowers in the QEII field near Platt Bridge. The team have consulted with neighbours and with Shropshire Council about the plans to establish a ...
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