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Update: 576 bus service during Baschurch road closure (now 8th – 20th August)

Weekday shuttle bus timetable now available

Many of you will be aware that the Baschurch roadworks that were originally scheduled to start last week were delayed until 8th August due to level crossing works further down the road needing to go on longer than planned. The road will now be closed from Aug 8th to Aug 20th inclusive.

The bus operator Tanat Valley has put together a temporary shuttle service during this closure, which will allow passengers travelling between Oswestry and Shrewsbury to connect at the Admiral Duncan in Baschurch. The weekday timetable for this 576 shuttle can be found below:

576 temp shuttle timetable (weekdays only) during Baschurch road closures

We are waiting for confirmation of the Saturday bus timetable and will share that when it becomes available.

A considerable amount of Parish Council time and effort has gone on in the background to ensure a continuation of the bus service during the Baschurch road closures, and Ruyton Councillors have spent a lot of time riding the bus back and forth today to make sure that the timetable works correctly and that connections in Baschurch can be made in good time. However, please note that the 576 bus service is ultimately the responsibility of Shropshire Council (not the Parish Council), so if you have any queries about this temporary shuttle or timetable, please contact the Shropshire Council bus department on the contact details below:

Call: 0345 678 9006