How do I get an appointment with a GP

Here are the arrangement for Prescott Surgery

ALL GP appointments are being booked as telephone calls in the first instance. The GP will either consult with you over the phone or via a video link. In exceptional circumstances, the GP may invite you to the surgery for a face to face consultation. If you are invited to come in and see a GP or Nurse please follow the instructions that they give you. You may wish to remain in the car until the GP or Nurse is ready to see you. In this case please phone reception on arrival (01939 260210) to advise us that you are here and remain in the car until invited to enter the building.

Nurse Appointments

We are providing dressings to patients who require them and will only invite you for a face to face appointment if you are not self-sufficient i.e. unable to apply the dressing yourself or unable to ask a family member to apply the dressing. We will NOT be undertaking the following with immediate effect:

Ear Irrigation; Health Checks: Travel Immunisation; Weight Management.

Blood Tests

We will continue to provide blood tests for the following:

INR monitoring; DMARDs monitoring; Cancer Drug monitoring.

We are now also providing routine blood tests if requested by a GP as part of a review or following a consultation.

We will require you to announce you arrival by phoning reception (01939 260210) and remain in the car until invited to enter the building and you will have your temperature taken before you enter the consulting room..

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