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Ruyton CIL road safety and streetscape proposals

Update on public information session.

Following the previous update posted on 25th July, Parish Council representatives have chased Shropshire Council about rescheduling the postponed public information session on the CIL project in Ruyton XI Towns.

Whilst the date is not yet finalised, Shropshire Council’s intention is that the rescheduled public info session will take place in early September. Their current plan is for this to be a drop-in session, where project plans and drawings will be on display for residents to inspect. Staff from Shropshire Council and their contractors WSP (who have designed the proposals) will be on hand to answer questions about the proposals and take note of any feedback.

Shropshire Council are also in the process of printing off some basic information about the project and how to share your views, and this information is expected to be delivered to all households in the parish.

As soon as the public info session date is confirmed, we will share this with the community.

How to share your views.

As mentioned in the previous CIL project update, to share your views on the Ruyton XI Towns proposals, you can send an email to and please copy in the Parish Council clerk ( If your email requires an answer, then Shropshire Council/WSP will reply to you directly. Thank you very much  to everyone who has sent their feedback so far.

Deadlines for receiving feedback.

Shropshire Council have stressed that there is no official cut-off point for receiving feedback from the community on this project, and that they will continue to monitor comments and feedback received during the delivery period and after completion of the project as well, to see how things are working. However, if the project is to go ahead during October half -term, then Shropshire Council and WSP will need to allow approx. one month before the the works start so that they can factor in any changes that may have become necessary as a result of community feedback.

So if you want your views to be taken into account by Shropshire Council and WSP before plans are finalised and before the provisional start date of October half-term, please do email by Sunday 10th September. NB. The Parish Council will next be discussing the Ruyton XI Towns CIL project on Tues 5th Sept, so if you would like the Parish Council to consider your views at that meeting, please make sure to copy us into your email to Shropshire Council before the end of the day on Mon 4th September.