Road Safety

We welcome your suggestions and your support

The Safer Roads Group was formed by the Parish Council and includes Councillors and members from the community. They are actively looking at ways of making the village safer and more attractive for us all.

One of the options being considered is the introduction of physical obstructions (e.g. build-outs, planters) and/or defined parking areas designed to slow traffic down in the village. If you like this idea you can suggest locations where this might work using the guidelines below. You can also show your approval for other people’s suggestions by using the like button against their comments. If you have other ideas then please indicate where and what.

Guidelines – How to do it

Please note – You have to be a little bit computer-savvy in order to use these instructions.

The link below opens a new browser window to a map of Ruyton XI Towns, focused on the centre of the village.
  • Click the unlock button at the top right
  • Zoom in and out using the plus and minus buttons
  • Switch to satellite view if that helps
  • Drag the map so that the red pointer points at the location you want
  • Select and copy the website address from the address bar at the top of the screen
    (It starts  and then has a three word suffix)
  • Close the browser window to return to this page on the Parish Council website
  • Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on ‘Your comment here’ under  ‘Leave a Reply’
  • Paste in the address you copied from the What3words website and leave a description that helps other people to understand the location and your reasoning.
  • You need to type in your name and your email address – leave the website field blank.
    Note: Your email address will not be shared.

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  1. Rachel Denyer

    Speeding traffic is a problem throughout the length of the village – not just in the centre. I think measures need to be taken that remind drivers that they are entering a residential area. The new gates and 20 signs remind drivers that they are entering the village from the A5. Although, drivers do have a 30 sign when approaching from Baschurch, the signage for the village is partially obscured. The speed of drivers from Platt Bridge up to the bend in the Church is consistently over 30 – even by those who reside in the village. My suggestion is to put in a zebra crossing (somewhere between the Quillets and Platt Bridge). This zebra crossing would highlight to drivers that there are pedestrians in the village, and perhaps make them conscious of the fact that they need to reduce their speed. It would also be a benefit to pedestrians who cross the road (whether on a stroll, walking their dogs or for those who wish to use the bus stops without taking their lives in their hands). It might also encourage local children to use the play area in Marches Meadow – which is under utilised by local residents.

    A new idea in zebra crossing design can be seen here:

    I also think the small roundabout at the Quillets should be raised slightly and repainted. A zebra crossing could also be put in place by the war memorial on brownhill, as people have difficultly crossing here.

    However, I do believe that the biggest impact would be to encourage residents to be more visible and walk more. If drivers see that there are pedestrians on the pavements, especially if they have children with them, then this should spark their conscience and they should reduce their speeds.

    In the centre of the village, it would be useful if there was not parking on the hatched areas opposite Pound Lane. Parking on these hatched areas especially with large vehicles, reduces the visibility for other drivers and causes an obstruction. It would also be useful if the area in front of the Admiral Benbow pub was not always coned off, so that other residents in the village could use this area when utilising the village amenities (I am aware of on-going issue regarding this).

    The community participating in groups such as this and the community speed watch on a frequent basis, would also be useful. I think feedback from Baschurch Parish Council regarding their new speed signs would be beneficial (although these didnt stop a white van speeding and overtaking us on Monday Morning at 1.00 am when no one was around).

    I am not in favour of speed humps and grow outs, as this is a rural community where farm traffic and vehicles need to be able to move around without difficulty. The large lorries that frequent DairyPak, as well as other hauliers would find these difficult to navigate.

    Im also not certain that reducing the speed in the village to 20, would be effective or a deterrent. The centre of the village is currently designated a 20 zone, and this is ignored. The rest of the village is a ’30’ and this is also ignored. To me, there is little point trying to enforce a reduced speed limit (20) when drivers don’t abide by legal limit set at present. Without enforcement for speeding drivers and them receiving a penalty for breaking the speed limits, I don’t believe any reduction in the speed limit would have an impact.

  2. cindy edwards

    I agree. The tiny ‘mini roundabout’ at The Quillets is no deterrent for speeding car, lorries and even tractors! We live just by the roundabout and the amount of speeding cars is unbelievable. Boy racers come through at 60 miles an hour and one day there could be an accident. We need deterrents from the the entrance to the village all the way through until the exit to keep our children and grandchildren safe!

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