Parish Council Action Plan

Get involved – what do YOU want for your parish?

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash


The Parish Council exists to serve the Ruyton XI Towns  parish community, and as part of this we recently adopted a revised Action Plan which sets out clear aims and objectives, as well as a progress report on existing activities. The Action Plan will be reviewed and updated regularly, and we very much welcome and encourage feedback; we are particularly interested in receiving suggestions for future activities or projects. If there is something you think could be improved in the parish, or a service/amenity you think is needed, or something you think could improve the health and wellbeing of the community, no matter how big or small, short or long-term, please do share your thoughts with the clerk.

The Parish Council will review* all suggestions received, and we hope to put together a shortlist for the community to vote on their favourite ideas.

*Parish Councils need to find a “Power” or “Authority” in law that enables them to do a particular activity, so as long as a suggestion is something that the Parish Council can legally do, then it will be considered. If it’s not something we can do ourselves we may be able to work with another authority/organisation who can, or we may be able to look into it in the future if the Parish Council meets the criteria for General Power of Competence, which grants councils much greater flexibility and freedom in how they can act.