Local Elections 6th May 2021

Town and Parish Councils across Shropshire are gearing up for local and county council elections on 6th May 2021, and this is a fantastic opportunity for local electors in Ruyton XI Towns to help shape the future of the parish, as well as Shropshire Council. See the notices of elections below:

Ruyton XI Towns Notice of elections

Shropshire Council Notice of Unitary elections

Police and Crime Commissioner Notice of elections

What is Ruyton XI Towns Parish Council, and what does it do? 

Parish Councils are the first tier of local government, and they can make a real difference to local communities at the grassroots level. Ruyton XI Towns Parish Council usually meets on the 1st Tuesday of every month, (except August), and is comprised of 11 elected members who serve a four–year term.

The Council can:

  • play a vital part in representing the interests of your community
  • work together to improve the quality of life and local environment
  • influence other decision-makers
  • where applicable, deliver services to meet local needs

 This is YOUR Council, and it represents YOUR community. If you want the Council to do more, or do things differently, make sure you are registered to vote and that you participate in the May election.

What can YOU do? 

As a local elector you can 

  • nominate candidates to stand for election
  • stand for election yourself (deadline for hand delivering nomination forms: 4pm 8th April 2021)
  • make sure you are registered to vote by 19th April 2021
  • if needed, apply for a postal vote (by 20th April 2021) or proxy vote (by 27th April 2021)
  • in May, cast your vote in person, by post, or by proxy to elect councillors to represent the interests of Ruyton XI Towns parish

Who can be a Parish councillor? 

Anyone can be elected as councillor as long as:

  • they are at least 18 years old on the day of the election, AND 
  • they are a UK/EU/Commonwealth citizen, AND EITHER
  • they are a local elector, OR
  • they live or work within 3 miles of Ruyton XI Towns parish, OR
  • they occupy premises (as a tenant or owner) in the Council’s area,

and as long as they are not disqualified from being elected.

More information on standing for election is available on the dedicated Local Elections Page of the Parish Council website. If your question is not answered by the website, please email the Parish Council Clerk or phone (01691 238267 – office hours only please). NB. The clerk can provide the polling and district numbers for proposers and seconders (which are needed for the nomination form), but ultimately it is the responsibility of candidates to complete and deliver their own nomination forms.

Shaping the future of Ruyton XI Towns Parish 

Parish Councils serves their communities best when they are made up of capable, committed, and passionate councillors who want to make a positive impact, and who work together as a team to make a difference in their local community. By playing your part in the upcoming Parish Elections, YOU can help shape the future of Ruyton XI Towns Parish.