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Join the Parish Council – 1 seat open for co-option

Join the Parish Council – apply by 31.01.2022

Following the resignation of Cllr Christine Jones, a casual vacancy has arisen in the parish. No by-election was called within the 14-day statutory notice period, which means the Parish Council has the right to fill the seat by co-option. Interested parties should complete an application form and email these to the clerk.  The deadline for receipt of completed application forms is 5pm Mon 31st Jan 2022. The Council will consider candidate applications at the next Council meeting on Tues 8th Feb 2022.

Candidates are encouraged to speak to their councillors if they have any queries about what being a councillor involves. If you have questions about the criteria for being a councillor or anything else on the application form, please contact the clerk.

View the co-option advert.

View the application form.