Coronavirus: new lockdown rules

As of 5th January 2021, England is now in the highest tier for covid-19 lockdown restrictions. Alongside the other Coronavirus-related FAQs below, the Advice section will direct you to the latest government rules about what you can and cannot do.

Coronavirus. Don't accidentally spread it. Around 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 don't have any symptoms, but can still pass it on. Stay at home - Protect the NHS - Save lives.
Coronavirus. Don’t accidentally spread it. Around 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 don’t have any symptoms, but can still pass it on. Stay at home – Protect the NHS – Save lives.

Coronavirus FAQs


Essential workers are able to get a rapid covid-19 test at various pharmacies across Shropshire if they are NOT showing any symptoms of covid-19

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Yes with Longmynd Travel

If you are over 70 or in a vulnerable group and you need transport to a vaccine centre then Longmynd Travel can provide this free of charge. They have lots of drivers and vehicles willing and able.
Give Val a ring on 01743 861999

Yes with Shropshire Council


➡️ If you or someone you know is worried about getting to their vaccination appointment, we can help

🚐 Residents who are without access to transport are now able to get FREE transport to their COVID-19 vaccination appointments.

✅ In order to get help, you must have had a letter inviting you for vaccination in Shropshire, and you must be unable to get there any other way. We will be able to provide transport to help you get to your appointment and back.

😷 All vehicles will have appropriate ventilation, with strict infection control measures in place to keep everyone safe.

➡️ Transport can be booked by calling our COVID-19 Helpline on 0345 678 9028 or via your local GP practice.

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There are a lot of people in our community who want to offer their help. A group of volunteers formed something called ‘Ruyton XI Towns Friendly Help’ and they will help with:

  • Picking up shopping
  • Posting mail
  • A friendly phone call
  • Urgent supplies

Please call on the freephone number below to speak to one of our community volunteers. They will do their very best to help you – FOR FREE.

0800 014 6711

(You will not be charged for the service but you will have to pay for your own shopping, etc. The volunteers will not come into your home and will keep a safe distance as per government guidelines)

So if you need help or advice then please ask using the above phone number or any of the usual channels for our community, one of the local Facebook groups, Yoland’s email group, or using the contact form on the Parish Council website.

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Follow this link for the very latest UK government rules and advice 

Shropshire Council have an excellent page full of information for the public and for businesses

And for the very latest from the NHS

Advice for people with an existing lung condition

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