Update: Casual vacancies at Ruyton XI Towns Parish Council

Updated: Casual vacancies at Ruyton XI Towns Parish Council

Updated: 22.09.2020. Following the resignation of Cllr Andi Hall, there is now a fourth Casual Vacancy at Ruyton XI Towns Parish Council. We wish Cllr Hall all the very best for her business plans, and would like to thank her for all her hard work on the Council, which included the Safer Roads Group and Multi-Agency Group, and for ensuring that the interests of residents beyond the village proper were represented at meetings.

Along with the prior resignations of Cllrs Ryan Harrison, Ian Pinner, and Avi Sanders Royle, this means there are now four casual vacancies at Ruyton XI Towns Parish Council. The notice period for Cllr Hall’s vacancy (during which time local electors may call an election) will end on 8th October 2020, and we are waiting to hear if an election has been called for the two vacancies left by Cllrs Pinner and Sanders-Royle. If an election is called then this is not expected to take place before May 2021. If no election has been called, then the Parish Council will be able to fill these vacancies by co-option. Please see casual vacancy notices below for more information.

Co-option to fill casual vacancy

As no election was called for the vacancy left by the resignation of Cllr Ryan Harrison, the Parish Council is now looking to co-opt a suitably qualified person to fill this one vacancy. As Cllr Harrison was our youngest councillor, the Parish Council would like to encourage younger members of the community to consider applying to become a councillor, to ensure all age groups are represented.

The deadline for receiving completed applications is 5pm Tues 29th September.

For more information, please see co-option advert and application form below. The Good Councillor’s Guide below also gives a good overview of what being a councillor involves and how you can help make your community a better place for all. If you have any queries you would like to discuss informally, please contact the Parish Council clerk.

Please note: The Parish Council has decided to co-opt for this one vacancy as soon as possible, rather than delay the process while we wait to see if an election is called for the remaining vacancies. If no election is called, then we expect to fill the other three vacancies by co-option at the November and/or December Council meeting.